Wall vs. Me Curator

Shelah Marie


A published author, the Founder and CEO of The Curvy, Curly, Conscious movement, a wellness influencer, meditation enthusiast & wife. 

Curvy, Curly, Conscious

What started as a hashtag (#curvyandcurly) has now grown into a movement! I am proudly the CEO and Founder of a collective comprised of almost half a million women who seek to heal, evolve, and to live life unruly.

The best part of my journey: becoming a dedicated wife and bonus mom!

I value relationships and the depth they bring to our world, and believe through relationships we can learn so much about ourselves - because that will always be the most important relationship. Self-love and self-appreciation are so beneficial for our outside relationships, and honoring the relationship with yourself first and foremost allows anyone to cultivate beautiful relationships with others.

Some call me a Wellness Influencer, a Content Creator, a Healing Initiator, even a Rebel. I agree.

Shelah Marie