Frank Moth

Frank Moth is an award-winning duo based in Thessaloniki, Greece that uses the collage technique to create vintage surreal compositions and retro pop floral portraits in distinctive color palettes that make up his critically acclaimed style. His artworks revolve around the effort of man to find a balance between nostalgia and the distant future. In an attempt to create harmony between people and their surroundings or feelings, he uses eternal elements of colors, flowers, geometric shapes and touches universal concepts like Love, Eternity, Humility, and Remembrance. Frank Moth's work has been featured in many art and design publications worldwide like Colossal, Design Milk, Contemporary Art Curator, Buzzfeed, and more.


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Perseverance Sale priceFrom $149.99
Roses Sale priceFrom $149.99
Loved Sale priceFrom $149.99
Roots Sale priceFrom $149.99
Foliage Sale priceFrom $149.99
Kumiko Sale priceFrom $149.99
Fractionalized Elegance
Fractionalized Elegance Sale priceFrom $149.99
You Smell Like Home
You Smell Like Home Sale priceFrom $149.99
The Last Portrait of Penelope
The Last Portrait of Penelope Sale priceFrom $149.99
I was Hidden but You Saw Me
I was Hidden but You Saw Me Sale priceFrom $149.99
Waiting to Inhale
Waiting to Inhale Sale priceFrom $149.99
The Autumns after I Found You
The Autumns after I Found You Sale priceFrom $149.99
MDS Sale priceFrom $149.99
JRSLM Sale priceFrom $149.99
Gaze from Above
Gaze from Above Sale priceFrom $149.99
FRDM Sale priceFrom $149.99
Because You were around
Because You were around Sale priceFrom $149.99
Angel Came
Angel Came Sale priceFrom $149.99
Alterations Sale priceFrom $149.99
All the Springs She Remembered
All the Springs She Remembered Sale priceFrom $149.99
Full of Colors With No Name
Full of Colors With No Name Sale priceFrom $149.99
Bloom Bright
Bloom Bright Sale priceFrom $149.99
We Gathered in Spring
We Gathered in Spring Sale priceFrom $149.99
The First Noon I Dreamt of You
The First Noon I Dreamt of You Sale priceFrom $149.99
Phonohead Sale priceFrom $149.99
Meet me in Paradise
Meet me in Paradise Sale priceFrom $149.99
Limbo Sale priceFrom $149.99
I Fell in Love with Fall Because of You
Haru Sale priceFrom $149.99
Bird Flight in Autumn
Bird Flight in Autumn Sale priceFrom $149.99

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