Michiel Folkers

Michiel Folkers or ‘Gieler’ is a contemporary artist living and working in Amsterdam. Exposing his work in galleries and fairs from Zurich to New York. He is best known for his layered artworks, large canvasses in which he blends colorful street posters together with vibrant colors of spraypaint and acrylics. Besides painting and pasting Michiel is using much more techniques to expand his eclectic series of works.


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Battre pour l’avenir
Battre pour l’avenir Sale priceFrom $149.99
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Sale priceFrom $149.99
She Gave Me Breakfast
She Gave Me Breakfast Sale priceFrom $149.99
Laugh Hard, Dive Deep
Laugh Hard, Dive Deep Sale priceFrom $149.99
Kate Sale priceFrom $149.99
Ignored All The Thing He Said
Ignored All The Thing He Said Sale priceFrom $149.99
I Devy Gravity
I Devy Gravity Sale priceFrom $149.99
Forever Searching
Forever Searching Sale priceFrom $149.99
Ephemeral Passion
Ephemeral Passion Sale priceFrom $149.99
Brigitte Sale priceFrom $149.99
Always Keep Your Mouth Shut
Always Keep Your Mouth Shut Sale priceFrom $149.99

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