Art in Unexpected Places: Making a Statement with Art Prints in Unconventional Spaces

Art in Unexpected Places: Making a Statement with Art Prints in Unconventional Spaces


In the world of interior design, art has traditionally found its place in living rooms, bedrooms, and dedicated gallery walls. However, breaking free from conventions and exploring unconventional spaces for art display can bring a refreshing twist to your home or commercial space. In this blog, we will explore the concept of incorporating art prints in unexpected locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. By infusing these often-overlooked spaces with unique artworks, you can create unexpected visual interest and make a bold statement. At Wall vs. Me, where rebels rule the room, we believe in celebrating the rebellious spirit of art and offering a diverse collection of over 1,000 artworks from unique independent artists around the world.

  • The Power of Art in Unexpected Places:

  • Art has the remarkable ability to transform any space, regardless of its traditional purpose. By introducing art prints in unexpected locations, you can elevate the ambiance, inject personality, and create captivating focal points that spark conversation and intrigue. Embracing unconventional spaces for art display allows you to challenge norms, showcase your unique taste, and make a statement that rebels against the ordinary.

  • The Kitchen: Cooking Up Creativity:

  • The kitchen is often considered a purely functional space, but it offers an excellent opportunity to infuse art and creativity into your daily routine. Consider incorporating art prints that reflect your personal style or evoke a specific mood. Playful food-themed prints, abstract compositions, or vibrant botanical illustrations can add a delightful touch to kitchen walls or even kitchen cabinets. Framed art prints can also be displayed on open shelves, adding a curated and artistic flair to your culinary domain.

  • The Bathroom: From Soothing Retreats to Bold Statements:

  • The bathroom is a space where we seek relaxation and rejuvenation, and art prints can enhance this experience. Create a tranquil atmosphere by displaying serene landscape prints or minimalist abstract art. Alternatively, if you're looking to make a bold statement, opt for vibrant and eye-catching prints that inject energy and personality into the space. Consider placing art prints above the bathtub, vanity area, or even on the backsplash to transform your bathroom into a gallery-worthy retreat.

  • Hallways: The Canvas for Expression:

  • Hallways often serve as transitional spaces, but they hold significant potential for artistic expression. Instead of leaving them bare, use art prints to transform them into captivating galleries. Consider creating a curated gallery wall with a mix of different-sized art prints, or create a narrative by arranging a series of prints along the length of the hallway. Play with themes, color schemes, or contrasting styles to create a visually dynamic and intriguing journey through your space.

  • Showcasing the Artwork:

  • To ensure the art prints have the desired impact in these unconventional spaces, it's important to consider their presentation. Use high-quality frames that complement the artwork and the overall aesthetic of the room. Experiment with different frame styles, such as sleek modern frames for contemporary art or ornate frames for a touch of vintage elegance. Proper lighting is crucial to highlight the artwork's details and colors, so ensure adequate lighting fixtures or natural light sources are available.

  • Inspiring Sales and Interaction:

  • By incorporating art prints in unexpected locations, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also create opportunities for sales and interaction. Displaying unique and striking artworks in unconventional spaces can pique the curiosity of visitors, prompting them to inquire about the artists or explore your brand further. Additionally, share the stories behind the artists and their artworks through signage or accompanying information to engage viewers and foster a deeper connection with your brand.


    Art should not be confined to traditional spaces alone. By embracing unexpected locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, you can infuse your space with artistic flair, rebel against norms, and create captivating visual interest. With Wall vs. Me, where rebels rule the room, you can explore our diverse collection of over 1,000 artworks from unique independent artists around the world to find the perfect prints that resonate with your rebellious spirit. Unleash your creativity, challenge conventions, and let art make an unexpected statement in every corner of your space.

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