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Ramona Russu

Combining her admiration for the female silhouette with her passion for a graphic and monochrome aesthetic, Ramona Russu shows the subtleties, sensitivities, and strength of ‘the girl with black hair.’ These visual stories captivate viewers with a balance of pure decoration and genuine emotion. Recent works show reoccurring use of gold leafing to add luminosity to her already surreal and poetic style, truly allowing her pieces to create a silent but profound dialogue with the space and audience. “Being an artist is a choice for people who have the skill of translating their universe into visual pieces.”

Ramona’s work has been listed in various private collections across Europe, America, and Asia, and has been exhibited in many solo & group exhibitions and international art fairs (including The Other Art Fair London, ChAco Art Fair Santiago, The Annual Fall Gallery Walk Chicago, and Art3F Marseille). In 2020, she was invited to exhibit during the next edition of the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art held at Fortezza da Basso. Her art has been featured in Forbes, Art & Décoration, Harper's Bazaar, and Saatchi Fall Catalog.

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Handmade by Italian Artisans

Most wall art frames are made of styrofoam. Not ours. You get the 100 percent made-in-Italy craftsmanship that our Roma Moulding is world famous for without the toxins and chipping that are associated with other value brands. We proudly support old-world craftsmanship by exclusively using Italian master artisans to produce our moulding.

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We care deeply about the world that we all share. That's why we only use UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD inks that are 100% water-based, and sustainable practices to ensure our world stays green and beautiful.

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Every Wall vs. Me piece is carefully hand-selected from a community of invite-only artists across the world. We believe art is a way to say who you are without having to speak. You should not settle for generic and mass-produced wall art. So we set out to challenge the status quo by curating artworks that stand out in any room. They are thought-provoking, expressive, and reflective - created by emerging artists whose work you can't find anywhere else.

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An incredible statement piece

I got this piece in the gallery size and hung it as the main focal point when you walk into the living room with a picture light above it. It looks INCREDIBLE and it's so fun to see what other see in the piece. I would absolutely buy this again!

Sean P. 

Amazing piece of art

Got the piece called ‘Fantasizing’ and the colors are amazing, and is easily the best looking art in my house. And I have a lot of art.


Amazing Product

Love it! Such a pretty piece of work, great quality, and really adds to my room!

naivasha h.

Just WOW!

I absolutely love this piece. And also knowing that my purchase is supporting the artist is something very meaningful to me. The canvas color really pops and the frame quality is definitely premium. Thanks!!

Krysel E.