A New Home | Gallery Size

A New Home | Gallery Size

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Beyond the edge of our world and somewhere floating amongst the stars - that’s where you’d most likely find Nicebleed...

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"As soon as I saw this piece of space art, I had to have it! I'm obsessed (and clearly it's a perfect match for my style) ✨🥀"

"ART IN FRONT OF ART. LOVE OUR @wall.vs.me ART PIECE 💕 Can't wait to put this up in our MB office space 💘 #clermonttwins"

"To me fashion and style is as important as art. I have always been a big fan of artists who create unique pieces."

"Who's cooler?! Bowie or Bond? Thank you @wall.vs.me for these awesome artworks!"

"You have to see this in person. My camera doesn't even do the justice. The colors are so vibrant! What an amazing addition to our newly renovated bedroom!"

"I don't know what's prettier, the sunset or the artwork SUNSET! 😎 Thank you @wall.vs.me for this beautiful piece!"

"This is the perfect addition to one of my favorite areas in our house. Thank you @wall.vs.me for sending us this art piece!"

"Can't think of a better gift than this for my mom for Christmas. The butterfly reminds her of her friend that just passed away. Absolutely amazing artwork! Thank you @wall.vs.me."

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