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Empower Emerging Artists

Wall vs. Me is not just an art brand. It is a community of global artists. Unlike many companies that focus solely on selling the products, Wall vs. Me set out to build genuine human connections between the collectors and their favorite artists. Wall vs. Me puts the artists at the center of everything we do. Everyone likes pretty drawings, but we want to show the stories behind the works, the artists and their journey of their creation. 

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"As an artist, I've always received respect and honesty while working with Wall vs. Me. Very few companies can reach the same level of support and transparency. Artists are eager to be discovered - and Wall vs. Me has made that their highest priority since the very beginning of our collaboration."



"As an artist, I really appreciate having the collaboration that puts me, my work and story at the spotlight. Wall vs. Me is a totally different kind of art brand. Collaborating with them has been fun and meaningful."

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What Makes Wall vs. Me Different

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Nature Ingredient

20% of art sales go directly to the artists. Wall vs. Me is constantly releasing new products and programs that offer lots of opportunities that the artists can benefit from. 


100% Handmade

Wall vs. Me hosts hour-long live interviews on social media to feature the upcoming artists and give fans the opportunity to connect with them.


Good for Skin

Wall vs. Me is an early-stage but fast-growing community of emerging artists from all over the world. Now is the best time to join and build the vision together.

Join Wall vs. Me

Simply send us a link of your digital portfolio and a short message of who you are and your story. Our art manager will get back to you to move forward! Thank you for showing your interests in Wall vs. Me!