About Us – Wall vs. Me
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Be Admired. Be Inspired.

Empowering global emerging artists since 2019.

Our Story

In 2019, we started Wall vs. Me to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the art industry. Empowered by the people of local art community in Los Angeles California, our community-centric belief set us apart.

We firmly believe that there is an artist within every one of us that wants to exceed boundaries, advance into unknown territories, and challenge the existing order. Our mission is simple - empower global emerging artists and inspire people to be themselves in the most authentic way.

Jackson Wang
CEO | Wall vs. Me

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Our Team

Ted Liu
Full Stack Engineer

Jessica Criswell
Art Manager

Gale Gao
Creative Director

Jace Cong
Senior UI Designer

Meet the Artists

Laura Loverich

Zenja Gammer

Aaron Larson

Nate Hill

Daniel Caruso


Youssef Farhi

Mattia Lau


Samji S K


Jerome Royer

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