Oscar S.

Photographer, director, DOP. Born in 1989. 2 years ago moved to Hawaii and is now honored to present his collection of unique prints. Began to get involved in photography in the 6th grade. Video filming and editing in the 7th.  Professionally began to engage in photo and video after graduation. Founder of the production studio ' Hello! Production '  Published in Maxim mag with product photography, also got a few other covers related to fashion and surfing.


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South Beach, Miami Vibe
South Beach, Miami Vibe Sale priceFrom $149.99
Waikz Sale priceFrom $149.99
Towards the Sun
Towards the Sun Sale priceFrom $149.99
Sunrise at North Shore
Sunrise at North Shore Sale priceFrom $149.99
Rainbow Sale priceFrom $149.99
Mindfulness Sale priceFrom $149.99
Lunch Time
Lunch Time Sale priceFrom $149.99
Film Sale priceFrom $149.99
Feel The Ocean
Feel The Ocean Sale priceFrom $149.99

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