Kaiwan Shaban

I was born and raised in the Kurdistan region, Currently based in Warsaw, Poland. I'm a 22 years old digital artist, and internationally published photographer and filmmaker. I have always loved the cinematography and the artist in me would always make up cinematic scenes, but at the end of the day, they were just figments of my imagination. I was not able to bring them into existence. That is until I learned 3D art. It was a blessing and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities and range of things I could create. I could finally translate those imaginative figments into artworks that people could see and appreciate. I was not limited by equipment, logistics, other people...etc. I utilized my unique color grading style in combination with my background in photography and filmmaking to create realistic cinematic artworks. That mix gave a truly fresh take and got the community's liking from the worlds of photography and digital art.


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