Jan Birch

Fine Art Photography has always been a big part of my life. I developed my skill as a young girl with a 35mm camera around my neck and prints drying in the darkroom. It was later, while working in the film industry in Europe, that the diversity of cultures, sounds and emotions filled me with such an awe that I wanted to capture it and show it to the world. I realized then, it is the subtlety and nuance that turns a piece of visual art into a story you can taste, smell and hear. As I have traveled from city to village around the globe I have worked hard to polish my visual storytelling. I have been privileged to bring my photographs to walls and homes throughout Europe, Australia, South America and the US. Currently, I reside in Los Angeles, and continue to travel internationally for both commissioned and personal projects. My galleries are continually expanding with each new venture and I look forward to finding that next story in a wonderful far away place… so I can bring it to you.


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Powell's Sale priceFrom $149.99
Beverly Hills Hotel
Beverly Hills Hotel Sale priceFrom $149.99
Double Exposure Skate
Double Exposure Skate Sale priceFrom $149.99
Via Rodeo
Via Rodeo Sale priceFrom $149.99
Urban Fireworks II
Urban Fireworks II Sale priceFrom $149.99
Urban Sale priceFrom $149.99
California Fireworks
California Fireworks Sale priceFrom $149.99
All In
All In Sale priceFrom $149.99
In-N-Out Sale priceFrom $149.99
Gugenheim Sale priceFrom $149.99
Dumbo Sale priceFrom $149.99
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Sale priceFrom $149.99
Beverly Hills Bike Ride
Beverly Hills Bike Ride Sale priceFrom $149.99
Beach Bike
Beach Bike Sale priceFrom $149.99

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