Cédric Pierre-Bez

My name is Cédric Pierre-Bez and I was born in Marseille in 1984. I now live and work in Montpellier. After graduating as a graphic designer from the Kedge School of Design, I decided to devote myself to illustration, which I do as a freelancer under the name CÉPÉ. Having grown up in Marseille, I transcribe in my work the light and colors of the south. It is my main source of inspiration and it is there that I draw my creative energy. My creations are nourished by the graphic influences that have marked me the most and mainly by the great artistic currents of the XXth century like cubism and expressionism. In my compositions, I like to destructure space, bodies and faces to imagine a distorted and naive world. I like to sublimate the imperfections of my characters and highlight them because I find them beautiful. The scenes of everyday life and the nude remain my favorite subjects.


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